Fine Point Consulting Newsletter - August 2020

Time for a New Adventure

I am frequently reminded of how important it is to have smart, trusted friends and colleagues in your network. If you’re like me, you read a lot – books, blogs, biz podcasts. I try to absorb a lot, always trying to improve my own skills and our company. But there’s nothing like a personal conversation with someone you trust to really get creative juices flowing. Sometimes you get advice that hits you precisely when you need it.

I was with one of our long-term customers a few months back, expressing my desire to do something new, maybe work part-time and free up some time for a new adventure. And he said, “Or you can make someone else President, let them run the company, and you become Chairman of the Board.” A-ha! And then he asked me if I had someone who could do that job already and there was only one face I could see.

I’m so pleased to tell you that Chelsea Stanton is our new President. Chelsea is a 7-year veteran of Fine Point. If you are a customer of ours, you’ve certainly interacted with Chelsea in her role as Onboarding Specialist. Internally, she’s been the go-to person for the whole team for random problem solving for years. Continue reading below for a quick hello from Chelsea and please feel free to reach out to her directly.

And yes, I’m moving to a Chairperson role. Speaking of my smart, trusted colleagues in my network, everyone asks what I’m going to do next. I state emphatically that I’m going to sleep and read books. They claim that I will get bored and will be on to the next thing soon. Time will tell.

Founder & Chairperson of the Board, Fine Point Consulting 


It Is a Pleasure and an Honor!

When I started at my first ‘real’ job out of college, if anyone would have said to me, “in just seven years, you will have the honor of introducing yourself as the President of the company”, I wouldn’t have believed that person. But here we are: I am very honored to introduce myself to you as the new President of Fine Point Consulting!

I started at Fine Point Consulting back in 2013, and I was the fifth hire. During my tenure here, the company has rolled out new business lines, expanded into other locations, and has grown to 30 team members! It hasn’t always been easy, of course, but it certainly has been fun! The past seven years with Fine Point not only exposed me to more accounting knowledge and particulars than I could have ever even known to ask about, but has also provided me with endless opportunities – And for that, I’m grateful.

I am extremely excited to start this new chapter, and beyond grateful to Luella for trusting me with this opportunity! I am also very fortunate to have worked alongside my talented and knowledgeable colleagues at Fine Point and I appreciate their trust in me, too.

While I have already enjoyed working with many of you through the years, I am excited to connect and collaborate with those of you which I have not yet had the pleasure. I promise that we will continue to provide the same friendly and professional level of service, and be the same Fine Point Consulting that you know and love. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call. I am here to help!

President, Fine Point Consulting


$15,688,125 – This Is How Much in PPP Funds We Helped Our Clients Get!

PPP loan forgiveness application deadlines have been delayed a few times, and there is still no firm date yet… or forms, for that matter.

We are following developments closely. Once deadlines are declared, you might have to act swiftly and precisely. Now is the time to make sure you have documented the loan disbursements properly and according to the loan guidelines.

The bank your loan is with should be contacting you shortly regarding forgiveness. Consider preparing your forgiveness application soon, to facilitate the completion of 2020 financial records, and to know the status of your loan. We also recommend contacting your bank, as it may offer a web portal to make applying for forgiveness easier.

Check with your Fine Point Consulting counterpart if you are not sure you are in compliance. Also, always feel comfortable to call us or email us if you have any questions and to enquire about your particular circumstances.


Fine Point Consulting Is Please to Offer:

The COVID Comeback Kit: From Survive to Thrive

HR Checklist for Reopening Business after COVID-19

  1. Ready the workplace
  2. Create new policies and signage
  3. Communicate internally and externally

Gregor Diagnostics

“Since we started with Fine Point, we haven’t had to solve problems because they have been avoided.”

Tobias Zutz,
Founder and CEO

From the beginning, Gregor Diagnostics startup Founder and CEO Tobias Zutz realized the importance of having a strong accounting and human resources protocol in place. Gregor Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company which has developed a revolutionary new screening test for prostate cancer.

The patient-friendly test will be the first diagnostic to detect prostate cancer at the earliest stages of the disease. His biomedical company is developed around catching a deadly disease in its early stages.

Giving Back Some Space: The ‘6 Feet Office’

Around the globe, both companies and millions in the workforce have had to adjust how they work because of COVID-19. Many workplaces are considered modern, but how employees complete their job duties hasn’t necessarily been. Drastic changes to work environments, such as more opportunities for telework, are giving in-house workers a glimpse of what it’s like to be an independent contractor working from home or another location outside of a traditional office.

Through necessity because of the pandemic, to keep operations running during this time, organizations have had to take the guidance of health officials into account when attempting to conduct business as close to normal as possible. Technology has made working remotely much easier, but conventional physical locations still play a vital role when it comes to accessing certain resources, being immersed in company culture, and performing tasks that require in-person collaboration. Commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield is just one global company that has garnered experience with this issue. In China, the organization has helped businesses return nearly one million people safely back to their jobs after the country reopened its economy.

The company used what it has learned (along with World Health Organization data and the advice of medical specialists) to develop a concept dubbed the ‘6 Feet Office’, which it has applied inside its Amsterdam location. Through properly spaced desks and visual cues, the ‘6 Feet Office’ concept reminds employees to keep the recommended proper distance between each other at all times.

Some features of the ‘6 Feet Office’ include see-through shields (often made of acrylic) separating work areas, policies for office navigation, and guidelines for social distancing. For example, a workplace may install signage indicating which doors are to be used specifically for entering and exiting conference rooms, circumnavigating around workstations in a particular direction (such as counterclockwise), and sanitizing surfaces daily.

According to Cushman & Wakefield, in 2017, the calculated space allotted per worker was a cramped 17.6 square feet. For comparison, in 2009, it was just over 211 square feet. That radical decrease of almost 92% went far from unnoticed, as loud co-workers and the inevitable lack of “elbow room” were common complaints. Though the catalyst for the change in spatial allowances is calamitous, it’s no surprise that the return of more space and introduction of the ‘6 Feet Office’ is appreciated by employees worldwide

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