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Tax Returns
For another year, this was a tax season full of ups and downs. Many a return has been filed, many a return has been extended as these uncertainties caused delays. Either way, you made it!
How Are you
How do you answer the mundane question “How are you?” Most will say “I’m OK.” We’ll be very non-committal. Learn how making a simple change in this answer can make a world of difference.
Open For Business
As we return to a more normal, pre-COVID office life, there are several considerations that will make the return to the office process smoother and safer.
Tax Credit
At Fine Point, we work with many businesses who are just getting started. Learn more about the tax credit that is most beneficial for small businesses using their own funds.
At Fine Point Consulting, we are firm believers in getting daily input on how staff and managers are doing and how they can improve. Here are a few considerations as you start to think about leveling up your performance evaluations to a real-time model.

RVing In The USA

In 2020, Val Rodriguez and her family bought an RV, packed up their home, and hit the road. Read more about their adventures and how ROWE allowed her family to travel here. 
In her tax corner of the world, Louisa tackles the question: "I know where you worked from, but where were your customers while you did the work for them?"
Niurka started on February 6th, and she’s hit the ground running. A dedicated team player, she’ll have long-term assistant controller duties and has been helping out in other areas during this busy season as well.
This month, we wanted to share a little more about our newest Executive Team member, Louisa Else. Louisa started with Fine Point in July 2019 as a controller and the manager of our growing tax team.
Fine Point Consulting has always prided itself on its awesome culture. We are a casual, fun, friendly group who have historically liked to imbibe, gather for a tailgate, do a little bowling, and even some volunteer spirits bottling on occasion.