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Tell us about Spearity. What sets it apart? Spearity helps leaders that want to develop a leadership program, build future leaders, and develop talent at every level of their organization. We focus on 3 main areas: 1) Core Competencies 2) Measurable Processes, and 3) Repeatable Habits. We meet with our clients on an ongoing basis
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Starting a business is one path to getting the financial stability and freedom you want. Here’s why you’ll want to hire the services of an HR consulting firm while you try your best to get your business off the ground. Avoid bad hires A bad hire can compromise team productivity levels in the worst way.
Madison WI CultureCon booth from Fine Point.
Earlier this month, I had the honor of attending the inaugural CultureCon event here in Madison. The event was focused on helping leaders be intentional about workplace culture. This is a topic I have a lot of passion for, and that I think should be on every business leader’s mind, due to the link between

Leaders & Infuencers: Eli Woyke

Small batch law
Tell us about Small Batch. How you got the idea to start Small Batch Law? I started Small Batch Law in 2015 to bring my general counsel experience at a national real estate firm to a wider, but more local community of clients.  The things I value … being able to meet and connect with
Lisa Wilke
We are pleased to introduce HR outsourcing and consulting services. Fine Point Consulting’s HR Solutions can help ease the HR burden. From administration activities, such as employee handbooks, to strategic HR initiatives like organizational design, our solutions are custom designed to align with your company’s growth stage, enhance your unique culture and advance organizational performance.
“Fine Point Consulting is more than a business partner—we treat them like they are part of our internal team. When you are running a start-up, it can be tough to see past next week. Managing cash flow, however, requires a long-term plan with constant course adjustments. FPC helped us manage through a complex pivot of
We’re kicking off our 2018 Leaders & Influencers series with Barbara Gulten and Eliana Stein, co-founders of newly launched Functionaire, a boutique UX design and strategy firm.   Tell us about Functionaire. Barbara:  Functionaire is a boutique product strategy and user experience design firm. We work with clients who operate in the digital landscape, be

Fine Point Meet & Greet: Gail Pawlak

Meet the Fine Point Consulting staff and learn a little bit about what makes them tick. This week: Accounting Manager Gail Pawlak. Tell us a little bit about when you started at Fine Point and what you do there. I was the first full-time employee hired at Fine Point, in 2011. Before this position, I

Leaders & Influencers: Brad James

In our continuing series on Wisconsin Leaders & Influencers, we chat with Brad James, President & CEO of Beepods, which promotes and implements sustainable beekeeping practices by providing education and resources to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Tell us a little bit about what made you decide to join Beepods as President & CEO. Beepods was
If you read our previous Meet & Greet post about Fine Point Staff Accountant Bailey Green (of tiny house fame), you might not be surprised to learn that our resident adventurer has left for greener pastures (literally!). But don’t worry, she’s still working for Fine Point Consulting. Read all about it our Q&A with Bailey.