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While the political realm is ramping up for 2020, we can’t overlook the startup scene and what this decade will mean for them. Bijan Khosravi, founder and CEO of InBounce, Inc. digs in to emerging ideas, technology, infrastructure and funding–where it has been and where it is going–as we usher in this next decade in

5 Tips: Launching a Business

More and more people want to ditch the standard 9 to 5 and take control of their futures by starting their own businesses. But starting a business isn’t easy, whether you launch from your kitchen table or have designs on the next global phenom. If you aren’t prepared, your business won’t succeed. Here are 5
Entrepreneurs and leaders of startups and fast-growing companies are often inundated with responsibilities. To create a solid foundation, the fundamentals of finance and human resources should be done right from the start.
Every company is working to achieve a purpose; the key goals and objectives the leaders at the top have defined. But, what about the rest of the organization? Are individual departments and employees all working to achieve those objectives or are they working against them? Do they even know what the company’s larger objectives are?
All employee handbooks look the same, right? While part of that may be true, depending on what state laws you must abide by, many companies have decided to customize them to speak to the culture and voice of their company and here’s why. The Employee Handbook should… Introduce employees to your culture, mission and values.
Can you imagine that more than half the people at work don’t actually want to be there? That’s very scary, and yet, according to Office Vibe, that is reality.  A whopping 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs. This is costly on several levels. Financially, turnover is expensive of course. But employees

Meet & Greet: Leroy Kolacinski

Meet and Greet: Leroy Kolacinski Meet a Fine Point recent addition and find out what makes him tick. This week: Leroy Kolacinski, Controller at the Fine Point Consulting Milwaukee office. Tell us about the work you do for Fine Point.  I provide CFO and/or controller services for a multitude of our very fine clients.  This 
Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day and it is time to bring the festivities to the office! Admittedly, we will not save the planet by simply planting a shrub outside the headquarters, or banning the use of plastic water bottles on Monday-We can, however, focus some of our energies on this day that is set
We’ve moved! As we’ve grown as a firm, we’ve outgrown our location on the square. Our new address is just a few blocks off the square, located at 303 S. Paterson St. Suite 1. Our same awesome services for our same awesome clients in a beautiful turn of the century warehouse space-it’s just our style!
2018 was a great year for startups in Wisconsin and 2019 is looking to measure up as well! Check out Wisconsin Inno’s 19 Startups to Watch in 2019. It’s exciting to see so many Fine Point Consulting clients make an appearance here!