Embracing ROWE While Chasing Ever Changing Dreams

Bailey Green, Assistant Controller

When I started at FPC in 2015, my husband and I were living in a 250-square foot tiny house outside of Madison, WI. It was a fun 2.5 years working in the office and enjoying many-a-happy hours, but after we got married in 2017 we decided we wanted to venture out west. This plan was achievable in part because FPC was willing to test me out as the first fully remote employee. This was a big undertaking, considering we planned to live 100% off-grid with only solar energy on the top of a mountain in a very rural community near the Canadian border. To make this work, I knew that I had to be accountable for my responsibilities that I had agreed to with Fine Point and even with our remote location, know that I needed to make good on my commitment to be available for my team and my clients. We started a farm with a herd of fiber sheep and goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits and began growing our own food.

After a couple of years being away from family and friends in Wisconsin, we decided to sell it all and return to Wisconsin’s north woods (Webster, WI). We took the pieces of Washington that worked for us and tried again. Soon after that move, I got the opportunity to become a full time FPC employee as well as the new title and responsibilities of an Assistant Controller. I continued to work remotely, visiting the office whenever I was in the Madison area, utilizing the many technology tools and processes that we had perfected as part of our Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) since I had first made that move to the mountaintop.

When I’m not working at FPC, you’ll find me in our year-round grow room planting seeds, nibbling fresh produce, propagating fruit trees, or tending to our growing mealworm farm. Additionally, we are currently launching a community compost pickup service for residents and businesses to provide us food scraps to turn into nutrient-rich compost, used on our gardens, and we also plan to package and sell retail. At the same time, we bought a school bus and are converting it into a Skoolie camper for our "Tiny House, Take 2"!

ROWE meant I could balance work while launching a compost and garden business. Fine Point has been incredibly flexible allowing me a full-time to part-time transition as I launch and allowing me to work when and where it is convenient for me. The apps we use keep us accountable to our teammates and allow us to communicate on the fly.

Long story short, I was able to pursue my dreams, no matter where in the world they took me, because of the trust and flexibility from the results only work environment that is provided to the employees at FPC.

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