Executive Profile: Jason Stansell, Milwaukee Practice Lead

Jason Stansell is the Milwaukee Practice Lead and has been with the company since 2018. He has a dual role, not only overseeing the general operations of the Milwaukee office, but he also works as a controller helping clients with their day-to-day accounting and administrative management as well. In a typical day, he performs functions that fall under both categories, such as preparing financial reports for clients and helping them with budgeting and forecasting; and for Fine Point, heading up the sales effort, overall management duties, some virtual networking, and preparing proposals.

Getting to learn a lot and helping clients who are startups working on really interesting projects are two of Jason’s favorite parts of working at Fine Point. These new companies are looking for advice, and going through an exciting time in their business with many new developments and challenges, which differentiates the work Jason does from typical accounting jobs that are more routine and repetitious.

Jason learned of Fine Point when he was in public accounting. He decided to venture into consulting and reached out to Luella to see if she was still doing similar work. As fate would have it, Fine Point was looking for someone at that time, and Jason joined the team first as company representation at networking events and assisting clients, then moved more into client services. His career started in public accounting performing audits at both public and private companies, specifically for the investors and investment concerns.

For others who might be interested in a similar occupation, Jason believes liking the work and realizing the clients are really the actual employers is important. COVID-19 has brought another interesting point to the forefront, which is working remotely. “You can work from home and be productive in this job, and certainly during a time like the pandemic, I appreciate that,” shared Jason, “And it’s been nice to have that flexibility, especially for someone who came from public accounting. You still enjoy all the perks of accounting work, and get to meet and work with a variety of clients and learn so much, and help them, but not have to work the crazy hours of a public accountant.”

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