Get HR-Ready for 2021

5 Tips for the New (and hopefully better) Year

Here we are, wrapping up the year 2020, which ends the longest decade ever! Seriously - as slow as it has seemed to go by as we were masked and quarantined for most of the year, we are quickly approaching a new year. That means it is a great time to reflect and focus on tips for HR success in 2021.

  1. Send out those reminders! HR can stay ahead of yearly compliance (and administrative headaches) by sending out key reminders to employees before the holidays. We recommend including notices about PTO balances, updating personal info for W2s, FSA & HSA reminders, and benefit enrollment changes.
  1. Address COVID-19 Concerns: It’s still too soon to tell when the COVID-19 outbreak will abate, and workers can safely return to offices and worksites. Be sure that all of your pandemic policies are up to date and in line with the most current legislation and health-related guidelines (such as those from the CDC and your local government). Have the following updated and ready to roll: a company safety plan, testing policy, rehiring strategy, and returning to work letters.
  1. Review Your PTO Policy: When was the last time you reviewed and updated your paid time off policy? With coronavirus and changing employee benefits preferences, as well as remote working, consider making changes to your PTO offering.
  1. 2021 Changes: Heading into a new year, the IRS often makes adjustments to required forms (like 1095-Cs), and even overtime thresholds and HSA contribution limits. Be actively looking for these vital updates, and communicate changes to your team, when applicable.
  1. Consider Your Culture: Reflect a bit on your company culture. What is working for your company? What isn’t? What changes could you make to improve retention, recruitment, and engagement?

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