How To Change The Universe (Or A Small Part Of It) With One Simple Answer

By Leroy Kolacinski, Controller

How Are you

How do you answer the mundane question “How are you?”  Most will say “I’m OK.”  We’ll be very non-committal.  Heaven forbid you get someone who launches into telling you about every ache and pain they have. How do I answer it? Those who know me are already hearing me say it. “I’M FANTASTIC!”

Am I always fantastic?  Well, I am human and am no longer as young as most of my colleagues here, so I’ll let you answer that.  All the same, that’s my answer. Why?  

Well, first of all, I spent over 25 years of my life living across the street from a cemetery.  Any day I could wake up and complain, I was having a better day than the neighbors.  But there’s a more powerful reason for me to say it.

I mentioned that those who know me were probably imagining me saying it.  I’d bet they also broke into a smile.  No matter how bad a day they were having, they probably smiled, at least a bit.  How awesome is it that I can have that power over the universe to make someone’s day just a little bit better?

In the “before times,” I would go to a health club every morning and there would be a gentleman there who would see me and ask me how I was doing.  Then he’d wait with obvious anticipation of my answer.

“I’M FANTASTIC, as always,” would be my answer.

The man would burst into a huge grin.  He looked forward to hearing me say that. It made HIS life better.  Being the kind of person I am, making his life better made mine better in reaction.  Even if I wasn’t fantastic before, I was a step or two closer to being that great just by seeing him beaming.

I’m not a positive mental value kind of guy. My job has always been to find the dark cloud surrounding every silver lining.  However, I still have infinitely more power every time I answer someone with “I’M FANTASTIC!”  I hope to continue having that power for a long time to come.

So tell me something.  How are YOU?


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