Human Resources Solutions

The most valuable asset to any organization is its people. Hiring the right employees and developing a productive and happy workforce is paramount for your success. Keeping on top of the most recent laws and regulations regarding employment is critical too. This is a lot for management to deal with and might even keep you from focusing on what your organization needs to focus on.

As a manager, you have enough to worry about and focus on. From payroll to benefits to conflict resolution, and of course, staying on top of the recent laws and regulations, that is a lot to handle – Fine Point Consulting is here to help!

Fine Point Consulting provides the full gamut of HR services with the flexibility to meet your needs and budget.

You may choose from:

  • Workforce Fundamentals: This set of services is packaged attractively for those who are about to hire their first employees and want to do it right. Our Workforce Fundamentals is packed full of HR essentials that will set you on the right track for growth and protect your business
  • Full HR Services: This package offers everything an organization needs to hire, manage, and develop a high performing workforce in a positive, healthy, and engaging work environment. We will serve as your complete Human Resources Department and will do all the work, while you make all the final decisions.
  • A’ La Carte: Some organizations might not need all the services we offer under the Full HR Services solution or Workforce Fundamentals, due to circumstances, size, internal handling, or other reasons. Our A’ La Carte package allows you to pick and choose the deliverables you want, and we will customize them to meet your specific needs.

Here are the details of what’s included with our solutions:

Workforce Fundamentals

  • Author an Employee Handbook specifically for your organization
  • Create branded & fillable HR forms for easy completion
  • Write custom hiring and employment policies that fit your culture
  • Perform HR Audits, including I-9 Compliance and FLSA Classification
  • Advise and recommend payroll and benefit solutions
  • Assign a dedicated HR Professional to assist when needed

Full HR Services

Compensation & Benefits

  • Select and recommend insurance broker
  • Select and recommend benefits carrier
  • Review and benchmark current benefits package
  • Recommend and create a benefit package
  • Annually review benefits and facilitate renewals
  • Administer benefits ‘Open Enrollment’, enrollment and unenrollment
  • Review and benchmark compensation structure (to ensure equitability and compliance)
  • Recommend and deploy a complete compensation plan
  • Audit, or select and recommend HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
  • Administer leave and FMLA claims
  • Implementation and administration of 401k plan
  • Administer COBRA programs
  • Administer payroll and provide forms and guidance
  • Identify, select, and recommend payroll processing partners


  • Author an Employee Handbook specifically for your organization
  • Verify handbook compliance
  • Provide guidance regarding employing visa-sponsored individuals
  • Implement and/or optimize HRIS system
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local legislation
  • Audits - HR Audits, I-9 Compliance, FLSA Classification
  • Share local industry trends and employment legislation
  • Select, recommend, and work with labor legal counsel
  • Establish and administer grievance policy

Employee relations

  • Plan internal communication procedures
  • Develop employee / manager feedback model
  • Define and implement company culture / core values
  • Construct and administer layoff action plan and communications
  • Conduct and document exit interviews
  • Conduct employee surveys, such as engagement, and experience/satisfaction
  • Develop and implement employee engagement / experience action plans
  • Develop and administer peer recognition programs

Performance management

  • Implement (or revise) and oversee Performance Review forms/process
  • Conduct performance conversations/reviews
  • Create job descriptions
  • Create goal setting process
  • Facilitate termination process
  • Create and implement Performance Improvement Plan process
  • Counsel Management through performance issues
  • Develop and implement core competency model

Talent management

  • Source talent
  • Interview candidates
  • Hire on your behalf
  • Source and facilitate background screening of candidates
  • Arrange and administer drug screening
  • Establish and conduct new hire orientation process
  • Define role success
  • Develop and oversee on-boarding schedules
  • Develop and manage employee recognition program

Training & Development

  • Conduct training and development needs assessment
  • Implement compliance-related training modules such as sexual harassment training
  • Develop training / communication on company core values
  • Conduct competency-based development
  • Conduct team-building exercises
  • Facilitate focus groups