Human Resources Solutions

The most valuable asset to any organization is its people. Hiring the right employees and developing a productive and happy workforce is paramount for your success. Keeping on top of the most recent laws and regulations regarding employment is critical too. This is a lot for management to deal with and might even keep you from focusing on what your organization needs to focus on.

As a manager, you have enough to worry about and focus on. From payroll to benefits to conflict resolution, and of course, staying on top of the recent laws and regulations, that is a lot to handle – Fine Point Consulting is here to help!

Fine Point Consulting provides the full gamut of HR services with the flexibility to meet your needs and budget.

You may choose from:

  • HR Essentials Startup Kit
    • Create employee handbook (up to2 revisions)
    • Create onboarding processes and checklists, includes new hire offer letters and other paperwork
    • Create termination processes and checklists
    • Up to 5 job descriptions with FLSA
  • HR Essentials Startup Kit with Annual Performance Appraisal System
    • Includes all of the above plus a performance appraisal system
  • Fine Point Performance Appraisal System
    • One-time setup of monthly system, perfect for rapid feedback and remote environments
    • 6 months of follow-up and one adjustment to each position’s results doc
  • Onsite HR
    • Starts with half-day per week
  • A la Carte HR
    • HR generalist support for recruitment processing, benefits administration, maintaining already-existing processes, benefit plans, and checklists
    • HR Manager support for creating new processes, new benefits plans, new policies, interviewing candidates
    • HR Business Partner support for long-term strategic planning, organizational design, executive team participation