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You may know Fine Point Consulting as a boutique consulting firm specializing in professional accounting that provides financial leadership and strategic direction, as well as ongoing transactional support. But do you know that we also provide expert-level outsource HR (human Resources) services?

Our extensive list of HR services was assembled to make sure your HR is done right, to provide management with the information they need, and to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Whether you are planning to hire your first employee, or you already have a workforce in place, we can help you do things better and more efficiently, while freeing your valuable time to do what you do best! After all, isn’t this why you started your business in the first place?

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What Our HR Services Can Do for You

We provide the full gamut of HR services with flexibility to meet your needs and budget. You may choose from:

  • Workforce Fundamentals: This set of services is packaged attractively for those who are about to hire their first employees and want to do it right. Our Workforce Fundamentals is packed full of HR essentials that will set you on the right track for growth and protect your business
  • Full HR Services: This package offers everything any organization might need to hire, manage, and develop a high performing workforce in a positive, healthy, and engaging work environment. We will be your complete Human Resources Department and we will do all the work, while you make final decisions.
  • A’ La Carte: We are aware of the fact that some organizations might not need all the services we offer under the Full HR Services solution or Workforce Fundamentals, due to circumstances, size, internal handling, or other reasons. Our A’ La Carte package allows you to pick and choose the deliverables you want, and we will customize them to meet your specific needs.

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Client Success Story – Breathe For Change

“I chose Fine Point Consulting because they were flexible with the changing needs of a startup.” 

Michael Fenchel,
Co-Founder and Executive Director

When you run a company that provides wellness and yoga teacher training, you need to be the type of person that appreciates the creation of harmony between mind, spirit, and the world.

When making the decision to hire an accounting & HR services company, Michael was approached by a few outsourced CFO companies but ultimately chose Fine Point Consulting because of their known accounting expertise.


Hiring an Entrepreneurial Staff is Part of Airbnb’s Success

They’re the grade school lemonade stand owners, the high school students who steered the budgetless robotics club to victory, and the kid who wrote and sold a cookbook to raise $1000 for the local animal shelter. These creative, free-thinking individuals display the characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit. According to online marketplace and hospitality service brokerage company Airbnb, the secret to the success of a startup is to hire for entrepreneurial skills - doers with a track record of influencing and leading a team to build something from the ground up. 

The entrepreneurial culture it fosters gives Airbnb a library of creativity to draw from when it needs to solve complex problems. This plays a big role in the company’s success; no one is embedded in traditional ideas of how things “need to be” done. The team of creative thinkers brainstorm and with their entrepreneurial/stick-to-it attitude get things done! While an entrepreneurial spirit is a desired trait, Airbnb found that with a staff of scrappy free thinkers a few ground rules needed to be drawn – staff members are asked to put their great ideas on paper with simple one-page proposals.  

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment prevention training is required by many states and other governing entities. Countless companies across the US have instituted such training as part of their policy.

The EEOC, the federal agency that investigates claims related to discrimination and harassment has stated that it expects employers to train workers, and they will require evidence and documentation of this training if a complaint is filed with the agency.

Fine Point Consulting is proud to partner with Traliant to bring you a course in Sexual harassment prevention in the form of bitesized video episodes served in a modern news style format.


Hiring Quality Employees for Your Small Business

6 Important Considerations

Hiring is an art form! Even if you hire the smartest individuals with immaculate resumes, despite their respective skill sets you won’t automatically create a high-performing team. Great teams are generally a group of amazing individuals mixed together in the right way. It’s about the chemistry.

It’s safe to say effective hiring for small businesses is essential to the overall health of the company. A strong dedicated team is the backbone of every business success story. How do you hire a talented crew when resources (both time and money) may be limited? 

In small companies there isn’t much room to hide under-performers and each person is responsible for a large piece of the company’s everyday flow. There are some things small businesses need to consider in their hiring practices.   

1. Passion goes a long way – A small business needs people that are intelligent and passionate about what the company is doing. These traits are the ingredients that give an employee the drive to take pride in their work and see a job to completion. Having employees that fit with your company culture is essential both for harmony and productivity. This is the image you want projected to the outside world! 

2. Hire for aptitude – Many small businesses have been successful when they hire for aptitude, or ability to learn a task, over experience in a similar role. The right training is a necessity, but for those individuals who easily pick up new skills - the sky is the limit.

3. Use your network and ask for referrals – No one knows your small business better than you, so lean on your network and professionals you’ve worked with in the past that you believe the company would benefit from. In small company’s you will generally find your employees are also invested in what the company is doing, so lean on them for referrals as well. It doesn’t hurt to offer an incentive if they bring someone onboard!

4. Get involved – Conventional ways of sourcing candidates may drum up some kind of pipeline, but getting out in the community and networking with other business professionals in your area may be even more effective. Spread the word! Create an online presence with a newsletter or blog. Don’t let your company be the best kept secret.  

5. Be mindful when creating your interview team – The candidates don’t need to meet with the whole company, but do need to meet with those key decision makers who can evaluate their qualifications critically and provide constructive feedback.  

6. Have an onboarding process in place before day one – Put together a series of sessions ranging from company culture and intent to history and strategy. Having all these things spelled out means that everyone who joins the company will have the same experience.

Once you have great talent on board, it becomes easier to attract more of the same. Talented people are interested in constant growth and being around other talented people inspires and drives motivation. Don’t hesitate to give employees ambitious goals and stimulating projects to work on.

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