Open For Business! Tips For The Next Phase Of Life After COVID

By Steph Breunig, HR Practice Leader

Open For Business

It is an exciting time and many of us are embracing the delightful changes that come with progress on the COVID front. However, some of us are still understandably apprehensive. As employers (and let’s face it, as humans), we want to take care of people, ease their worries, and keep them healthy.  People are your biggest, most important resource as a business, after all. As we return to a more normal, pre-COVID office life, there are several considerations that will make the return to the office process smoother and safer.

Take the pulse of your people.
Not literally of course. Find out how they are feeling about returning to the office. Survey them on things such as schedules, willingness to wear PPE, and something as simple as “are you looking forward to returning to the office?”. Based on their responses, make a plan to address those concerns that may differ from the standard safety precautions that are familiar to all of us.

Address Safety and Security.
A primary concern of your employees and any visitors will be safety. There are several processes to implement that can help:

  • Ventilation is key to reducing transmission indoors, so be sure to address filtration systems in your office. 
  • A rigorous and frequent cleaning schedule should be implemented to be sure high traffic areas used by multiple people are sanitary.
  • Make PPE readily available. If sanitizer and masks are easily accessible, they are much more likely to be used.

Allow for Flexibility

If there is one thing we’ve all learned through the pandemic, it’s got to be flexibility. Our lives and our businesses have all been completely disrupted, but for the most part, we’ve risen to the occasion. We’ve learned to be flexible and more patient as we’ve been dealt the COVID hand.  Employers should continue to come from a place of flexibility as we start to get back to “normal”- whatever that means! It is going to look different for every individual in your office. While Brad is ready to chat at the water cooler with only 3 feet of social distance, Chelsea isn’t comfortable enough to come to the office when others are working, so she prefers to work from home yet and do her in-office work at night and on weekends when she’s solo. Make sure that you are supporting all of your employees, wherever they are at this moment and in the coming weeks and months.

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