Case Study:

Navigating Government Grants.

Intraband, LLC is an early-stage start-up company developing nanoscale lasers. Possible applications of this technology include biomedical devices, environmental monitoring devices, missile avoidance systems and even food packaging processes.After obtaining a Phase I grant from the Department of Defense, Intraband engaged Fine Point Consulting to assist in management of their DCAA audit. After successfully concluding the DCAA audit, the Fine Point Consulting accounting team worked with the agency to calculate the project budget and indirect rates for the Phase II grant. As a result, Intraband was awarded a $750,000 grant from the Department of Defense. We then worked with the management team in grant administration, setting up a regular, documented systems for invoicing the government each month.

Fine Point Consulting was instrumental in helping us through the DCAA audit requirements and achieving final approval for our Phase II grant.

– Rob Marsland, President, Intraband LLC