Rving In The USA

By Val Rodriguez, Staff Accountant

I began working at FPC in February 2019 and at the time, my husband, 2-year-old daughter and 3-month-pregnant self were living in sunny Palm Beach, FL. Having lived all our lives in Florida, we decided we wanted a change and by June of the same year we moved to Greenville, SC.  Needless to say, having a job that gave me the freedom to work from anywhere made it a very easy transition. 

Twenty-twenty came around and certainly shook things up. We were now confined in our home, miles and miles away from family and friends, all  with a toddler and a 6-month-old baby - not exactly what we had planned for our big move adventure. We quickly realized we wanted to be back at home and began putting together our exit plan. Long story short, only a year after our move, we packed our things, sold our house and… wait for it…

Bought an RV! 

Yes, the thought of living full-time in a class-A RV for a couple of months with our baby and toddler to travel the USA in the middle of a pandemic was kind of crazy - if anything that sentence alone was a mouth full. But we had been robbed of an adventure and were not about to go back home without one. So, we picked up my grandmother in FL (we were not crazy enough to think we would be able to pull this off without help), and on July 2, 2020 we took off! The tentative plan was to make it all the way to California and back to Florida. I say tentative because we were traveling in the middle of a pandemic and there were a lot of unknowns.

In the three months that followed, my family and I were able to visit 20 states and enjoy the beauty each has to offer. From the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, to having lunch by the Mississippi River, admiring the beautiful arches in Utah, and dipping our toes in the warm sand dunes in northern California, this was truly the adventure of a lifetime. Being able to share this time with our young family was the most unexpected and lovely surprise twenty-twenty brought for us.

Working for FPC was the real game changer in this story. We would not have been able to live this amazing experience without the flexibility offered through ROWE and the technology used at Fine Point that allowed me to attend to our client’s needs from virtually anywhere. 

And now, as I am writing this from sunny Florida I cannot help to think of where my next adventure will take me. Until then… goodbye!

P.S: Grandma if you are reading this - thank you!

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