Thinking about a CFO for your startup? Here’s how we can help.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Use our amazing cloud-based tools to view your financial results in real-time and in graphical form, plan for the future, analyze what-if scenarios, and create 3-year projections.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Understand your burn rate and runway.

Cap Tables

We help keep your investors happy by maintaining open communication. Need to play with some liquidation scenarios and keep track of stock options? Yep, we can do that, too.

Key Performance Indicators

Do you know the key levers that will make the most difference to your business? We can help. 

Board Meetings

Let us help give your board and investors peace of mind by participating at your board meetings and providing board-ready financials that are clear and concise.

Raising a Debt or Equity Round?

We’ll guide you through the process. 

...the expertise and depth of an entire accounting department at our disposal, while only paying for the services we need.

409A Valuations

Got stock options? Then you need one. We’ll help you get it done.

Act 255 Tax Credits & QNBV Certification

We’ll get these valuable credits processed for your investors and help you manage the annual QNBV certification process.

Tax and Audit

Let us run the show. We’ll manage the tax preparation process and make sure your audit goes smoothly.

Best Practices

One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that we have worked with multiple startups and industries and our knowledge grows exponentially because of it. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Access to Our Network

No one knows startups like we do and we’ve got a huge network of resources that we will share with you.

Learn how Madison-based PerBlue was able to successfully obtain financing for its critical growth stage by using our Startup CFO services.

Every company wants to save money, but there is no reason to sacrifice accounting quality. With outsourced CFO services, clients can get high-quality expert help that they’d otherwise not be able to afford. An outsourced CFO may be used for accounting, financial reporting, audit prep, payroll, and other small-business bookkeeping tasks. With those uses in mind, consider the following benefits of CFO outsourcing.

Salary Savings

With the average CFO’s yearly salary hovering around the $250,000 mark, an in-house chief financial officer is out of many small business owners’ reach. With outsourced services, however, the business owner doesn’t have to pay taxes or retirement benefits. This brings substantial savings without sacrificing work quality as far as the company’s financials are concerned.

A Different Viewpoint

Consultants are an important part of many businesses because their fresh, yet experienced viewpoints can help companies solve problems that an in-house team member may be too close to notice.

Financial Consultancy and Advice

When a business owner isn’t sure how to secure the company’s financial position or increase profitability, they can benefit from a finance expert’s advice. An outsourced CFO can provide the assistance and advice a small business owner needs.

Streamlined Accounting

Outdated processes and old methods can greatly inhibit any department or position’s cost efficiency. A CFO can help the business owner streamline the process and attain cost savings through efficient labor practices.

Accuracy of Financial Statements

If a business owner can’t tell the difference between an accurate finance statement and a poor one, or if they’re just not good at financial reporting, the company can benefit from someone who understands how to assemble and review these important documents.

Financial Consulting and Analysis

Outsourced CFOs provide high-level, precise financial analysis of a company’s profits and costs. These services help business owners form strategies to deal with the financial challenges and problems they face.

Preparation of Financial Documents

Business owners require financial documents in a variety of situations, such as when they approach venture capitalists or potential investors. With an outsourced CFO, the owner gets expertly prepared financial documents that will help them attract investment capital.

Restructuring Help

A CFO consultant who reviews a company’s balance sheets will help the owner find ways to free up funds and bring accounts payable to a current status. How the business owner uses those funds is up to them and their shareholders.

Funding Capital Improvements

Cost-cutting and restructuring strategies can help business owners free up capital that they can use to pay debts or advance the company through marketing campaigns and other methods.

Setting Up Retirement Plans

Most business owners see setting up employee retirement plans as a next-to-impossible task. For an outsourced chief financial officer, it’s part of everyday life. When a business owner outsources CFO duties, that’s one less responsibility they must face.

These are some of the biggest advantages of CFO outsourcing. For additional information on how companies can benefit from CFO consultancy, talk to the experts and make a plan to get back on track.