Startups need a tax professional who understands the complexities of your company’s taxes. Depending on the size and type of business, tax preparation requirements may vary. At Fine Point, we have dedicated tax professionals that will help you understand how your decisions will affect your company’s bottom line.

Companies today typically have two choices when it comes to managing tax services. Those with large, in-depth, or especially complicated financial pictures have the option of investing in a financial team with the training and tools needed to take care of nearly all financial tasks including tax service requirements. In business, time readily translates to money. Fortunately, while the management of today’s mega-corporation needs a continuous source of relevant information to inform the decision making process, the average small to medium sized business does not.

We can help with: 

Corporate tax returns

Individual tax returns

Changing business entity (ex: LLC to C-Corp)

Quarterly estimated tax payments

Extension vouchers

State and local tax consulting

Changes in accounting methods

Nexus analysis

State tax credits

R&D credit calculation

Let our dedicated team of experts handle your tax service needs

Supporting Fine Point Consulting’s CFO team is an experienced group of accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals who manage day-to-day and year-end back office functions for your organization. We’ve created an all-in-one bookkeeping and back office solution using best-in-class accounting automation.

With Fine Point consulting, you can get peace of mind knowing that every detail is being handled for you. Your vision needs your full attention and with a virtual accounting department, you can redirect your time, money and focus on growing a successful business. We use best-of-breed technology to make interactions with you easy, seamless and able to be done from your smartphone while you are on the move.